Granite or Marble?

Homeowners are unclear whether or not to pick granite or marble for uses inside their property. These supplies can be found in regions including bathrooms and kitchens and each and every gives its unique special attributes. So, how are you to know which option is the best choice? Allow us to require a glance at some of the attributes of each rock and also a few possible downsides. You can then get the best determination feasible.


Beauty are always a vital worry. In this particular class, granite is definitely the much more flexible choice. There are a variety of various grains, patterns and colours offered. These may fit different style specifications. Marble is normally only accessible in greyish, white or beige. Continue to, this could be far better for many who wish a “clear” appear inside a certain space. Granite can also be proven to display a higher-gloss finish although marble is generally a little duller for its greater porosity. When deciding after granite or marble, these attributes ought to be kept in mind.

Durability and Routine maintenance

We need to very first remember that these two rocks are permeable. So, any spills should be wiped up quickly to avoid potential discolouration. Marble is the gentler of the two components which could existing a challenge in locations where it can be expected to stand up to a significant amount of tear and wear (say for example a foyer). A sealant ought to be put on any marble surfaces at least two times a year to supply a obstacle towards injury.

Granite or marble both are exceptional alternatives for those who are looking to like a classic accessory for their home. As both are similarly priced, the main decisions will normally revolve around the location as well as how much abuse the surfaces are expected to endure over the years.