Frameless shower

Frameless showers are similar to other shower units as they are fitted around a shower tray. They come in all sizes according to the needs of the homeowner. However, contrary to other traditional shower enclosures, the glass in the frameless shower is not surrounded by a thin strip of metal to put it together. The glass is not supported by metallic frames in a frameless shower, its needs to be strong enough to give the shower the needed structural support. Frameless showers come with a customized glass shower door, which means they are not limited to the mass production of shower doors at standard size. Therefore, they are more flexible during installation and customization makes them more attractive.
A frameless shower offers a true taste of design as it makes an additional elegance to the designer and contemporary bathrooms. A frameless enclosure helps to maintain a sense of space and clean lines, bringing out a fuss-free modern design. Individuals with a good sized bathroom with extra space can install frameless walk- through shower that is luxurious and stylish that can stand the test of time for years. Additionally,they offer a luxurious showering experience compared to other variant designs. They promote a spacious, light and open design for a true liberating shower experience.They shower also acts more as decorations as they give the entire place a new look after their installation.

frameless shower doors also help to minimize the number of locations where mold can grow and where water can collect in a shower. The doors also are easiest enclosure unit to clean. The doors can be cleaned with a simple wipe and a squeegee, and the enclosure becomes crystal clear again. Frameless showers can be customized to fit any bathroom, and no addition demolition is required making them be more user-friendly than framed showers.