Comparing Granite and Marble Countertops

The material you pick for kitchen and bathroom countertops matters greatly. granite and marble countertops are popular choices for homeowners. Both these stones occur naturally and offer excellent service in the home. The porosity of the stones is one factor to keep in mind always. Because water can pass through them, they require proper sealing to avoid staining after penetration. You would need to get sealing after every two years or so. 


Granite and marble are both beautiful stones that offer gorgeous surfaces that you can match with any decorating needs. You can also use these two stones for wet bar countertops. The colour and pattern variations are vast, especially in granite because of the grains from different components. Marble, on the other hand, gives you more concentrated colours and larger patterns. Granite and marble offer a classy and elegant feel. It is also possible to customise countertops to meet specific design and colour specifications. 


One element that always comes up when picking a countertop material is durability. How much abuse can a material take? Granite can handle more than marble. It is highly resistant to damage like scratching and chipping. It also doesn’t stain easily. Both granite and marble countertops are heat-resistant, and that makes them perfect for the kitchen. It is necessary, though, to exercise caution when using hot equipment and tools. You would need to replace a marble countertop earlier than a granite one because the former is susceptible to cracking. The staining property of marble makes it suitable for areas with minimal traffic.

Picking One

Deciding between granite and marble is a matter or preference. Your budget too will be a point of consideration. Granite and marble will cost more than other materials. Marble is a bit pricier than granite, and a homeowner should have the right budget for it. When installing a granite countertop, consider the heaviness of the material. Evaluate your needs carefully before picking between granite and marble countertops.